Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Cutwater prez Walter Smith is leaving to rejoin TBWA and work on the Infiniti account. link

-Y&R launched the “Spirit of Bacardi” campaign for the rum brand, which includes the “Island” spot above. link


-Mother New York launched its Mother Productions unit. link

-LA-based digital shop Heavenspot, which was behind those Halloween II Michael Myers banners, has launched a new web campaign for Werner Herzog’s The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. link

-With search ad spending up, Google’s shares get a boost. link

-Mediaedge:cia appointed former Microsoft Advertising lead Richard Lloyd as head of digital operations and analytics for its MEC MediaLab unit. link

-A trailer for the Last House on the Left remake terrorized some viewers of Britain’s Got Talent. We’re sure they canceled each other out. link

-Luxury car brands don’t really get social media. link

-Following Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s resignation from Apple’s board earlier this year, Arthur Levinson returns the favor by leaving Google’s. link

-A BK-sponsored sketch which aired on Fox NFL Sunday draws criticism. link

-A New Zealand university bans alcohol advertising. link

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