Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

&#151 The New York Post got some content re-branding yesterday. link

&#151 Nielsen will tell you what’s happening on Facebook, statistically. link


&#151 The subject of this story comes off as a whiny pain in the ass. Read it to feel good about yourself! link

&#151 Could FourSquare rule local advertising? link

&#151 Plaxico’s brand image: tarnished. link

&#151 If you’re at Advertising Week, you’re being tracked. link

&#151 Har har. Cash for Creative Clunkers. link

&#151 Mobile advertising could grow 19%? link

&#151 Nigeria is pissed at Sony for the funny blogger ad. link

&#151 Microsoft and Ford teamed up to tag Taurus ads. QR tags (well, code really)! link

&#151 Report: newspaper advertising still sucky. link

&#151 AOL’s brand image needs a snort of haaaaayo and a slap in the ass. link

&#151 Years later, Facebook decides to find out if their display ads are..how do you say…not shitty. link