Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-22squared continues its holiday hijinks as its Atlanta office flash-mobbed the Tampa one at this year’s party (above).

-EVB developed a new Facebook application for Wrigley’s Orbit gum called “Your Life on a Pack.” link


-While it lost in the Droga5 holiday card pitch, Slingshot still had enough spirit to knock out its own card for clients. link

-Rosetta and Water.org have teamed up to help those in need. link

-Will T-Mobile’s parent find refuge in the arms of Sprint now that the AT&T deal collapsed? link

-Groupon is firing back at Amazon. link

-The NFL and NBC will stream the Super Bowl and the latter’s wild-card playoff games live online (the Pro Bowl as well, but who really cares?). link

-How did The Economist actually end up in The Muppets? link

-Austin-based healthcare agency HCB started its own “Occupy Northpole” movement. link