Tuesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

The news these days, I tellya, it’s all about the Twitter and the pigs and the drug lords cuttin’ off heads and well I just can’t take it anymore. Nay, I cannot. So here’s a little bit of news that might maybe possible change your afternoon but not in the kind of way, you know, getting a beej in the parking lot would. Just in the kind of way that like, finding a fiver would. And then you realize it’s soaked in what appears to be urine so you just leave it there and then some ass walks by after you and promptly picks it up. This guuuuuyyyy, eh?

&#151 The ANA drives me crazy. This is why. link

&#151 The ADC’s 88th Gala something or other is Thursday and I’m wearing a tux. Look for the guy in the tux. No link, just tux.

&#151 Sodie-pop studs Pepsi and Coke aren’t doing so well these days, well compared to other days, at least. link

&#151 The headline of this story is “Kiss up, piss down” so you should pretty much just read it because of that. link

&#151 I heard somewhere that both GSD&M and BBDO staffers aren’t supposed to talk to me on risk of death. Or at least a severe scolding. See you at the ADC thing, where I will get you all fired. Or scolded.

&#151 The BBC might renew Horne and Corden. Hoo. Ray. link</a

&#151 Watch this video or so gad help me I'll keep making non-sensical statements. link

&#151 BMorrissey and TNudd have a little Twitterrific site called TweetFreak and despite the fact that they’re AdWeek folks, we think it’s pretty darn neat. So is this interview with Al Boguskeeeeeee. link

&#151 Chris Brown is so totally effed it’s not even funny. Ha. link

I gotta power down the noodle before it sticks to something. Have a happy Tuesday, y’all.