Tuesday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– Somewhere BMW Santa Monica is like, “Brah, we totally smoked those Audi dudes. Hell yeah!” (see above image and link)

– A new study of time-stamped, geo-tagged photos uploaded to the internet equates quantities and clusters of images as photographic tokens of cultural value. (link)

– The Periodic Table of Typefaces. (link)

– Starbucks store closures follow US unemployment trends (link)

– “Mexico’s ambassador to Spain said Monday he has written a letter to Burger King’s offices in that nation objecting to the ad and asking that it be removed.” (link)

– This month’s French Elle mag. brings stars without make-up and without photoshop touch ups. Monica Belucci and Sophie Marceau among others. (link)

– Look into the past… (link)

– BBC airs, releases program under Creative Commons license (link)

– Personality decided at Birth, say scientists (link)

– How to handle class: whoever you meet, your dress and your bearing must convey the message, “I am freer and less terrified than you are…” (link)

– A Microsoft job posting on CareerBuilder.com reveals that the media giant is now enlisting programmers for a brand-new Halo project that embraces online social communities… what? (link)

– We didn’t start the flame war – video (link)

– Something about a sexual harassment lawsuit and a major advertising industry, but we need info tipsters – names, agency, document, dates… erm video? (superspyin at gmail dot com)

– Social strategist Renny Gleeson breaks down our always-on social world – where the experience we’re having right now is less interesting than what we’ll tweet about it later (link)

– “When it comes to news, teenagers want it free and they want it aggregated.” Um, wait. So do I. (link)