Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Zulu Alpha Kilo imagines the 2020 Impreza as a cure for boredom in its campaign for Subaru Canada (video above).

-Pereira O’Dell co-founder and creative chairman PJ Pereira wrote a novel about A.I. and kung fu, his first English-language novel.

-Advertising and marketing spending is set to grow to $390 billion in 2020.


-Retailers are using plastic bag bans as branding opportunities.

Iris hired Harriet Shurville from McCann as its first chief people officer.

Marc Pritchard discusses the decade ahead for P&G.

-The answer for putting more emotion into advertising is data, of course.

-New York-based independent agency Barker designed printable posters for the Women’s March last Saturday.