Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Back in May, Ogilvy launched an OOH campaign offering a “Sunshine Discount” to Greece for Aegean Airlines (video above).

Javier Campopiano, the chief creative behind “It’s A Tide Ad,” joined Grey Europe as CCO, a year after arriving at FCB Mexico in that role.

-Adweek explains how hipsters saved Pabst Blue Ribbon.


-FTC Chairman Joseph Simons asked children privacy advocates whether having video creators disable ads would address concerns that YouTube is violating laws designed to protect children. Convincing Google may be a bit more challenging.

-Direct-to-consumer brands are expanding by marketing to children.

-Some guy got (rightly) kicked off twitter for threatening to kill Mr. Peanut and wrote a whole column complaining about it. We live in strange times.

-W+K veteran Jorge Fesser co-founded an independent creative agency in Madrid called Mono, along with Bitan Franco, Sito Morillo and Nando Vega Olmos.

MDC Partners CEO Mark Penn is advertising his political polls on Twitter again. It’s almost like running a holding company isn’t interesting enough for him, isn’t it?