Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Laughlin Constable and Yuengling want to make your day golden.

-Why are creatives making less than they used to? Creative Review tackles a loaded question.

Martin Sorrell may still be the highest paid WPP executive, and his new venture S4 Capital isn’t doing too bad for him either.


-And Mark Read told Advertising Week U.K. that he’s giving agency leadership more financial freedom, unlike a certain unnamed predecessor.

-For more on the WPP front, lots of buyers are circling Kantar… like vultures. With the circling.

-Oh also, Landor named Gabriel Miller as president of the Americas.

-Adweek runs down the history of Nike’s swoosh.

-Droga5 London CCO David Kobulsz talked to LBB about nihilism and CBD oil in his coffee.

-Vodafone is happy that it took all that media work in-house. Next comes creative.

Firewood Marketing of San Francisco named Amy Michael to the new role of chief revenue officer.

-Glastonbury, CT digital agency Cronin and Company, LLC promoted 4: Tracy Klimkoski is now senior director of media and analytics; Greg Lifhits is director of digital media and analytics; Michelle Carter is brand supervisor; and Ian Schnaufer has been named media and analytics manager. Lots of numbers there.