Tuesday Morning Stir

By Lindsay Rittenhouse 

-It’s not cool to be the Kool-Aid man in SNL’s hilarious spoof on the controversial Gillette ad, which mcgarrybowen helped facilitate.

Martin Sorrell‘s S4 Capital is on the hunt for more potential acquisitions to build on its digital strategy, Reuter reports.

-Actor Michael C. Hall, best known as Dexter and David Fisher of Six Feet Under, will star in Skittles’ Broadway musical about consumerism and advertising.


-Former Dentsu Aegis Network chief operating officer Mark Creighton is now the CEO of Avado Learning, per The Drum.

CreativeBloq shows us how the Pantone Color Institute, in partnership with Team Coco, gave Conan O’Brien his own unique color in celebration of his new 30-minute late-night show.

-Kantar CEO Eric Salama is said to be recovering well after being stabbed by a man attempting to steal his car in Kew, London on Sunday, according to mrweb.

-Former Havas CCO Jason Peterson tells MediaPost his new company, The Times, aims to shake up the traditional agency model that he described as “like wearing a tuxedo to a beach party.”

-Rethink in Canada made business cards for Pasta Boy Peter’s Italian cooking classes in Vancouver. On lasagna noodles. (How many do you think will accidentally be eaten?)

-Since we already knew that influencer marketing is a crock, did anyone learn anything from the Fyre Festival documentaries?