Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Not quite sure what to make of this new Stella Artois spot from Mother, but it does include some odd pockets and a bizarre French Billy Idol cover.

-Tourism Australia has placed its account in review. Despite the Droga5 Super Bowl campaign, Clemenger Sydney has been its AOR since 2013.

-The Sorrell hits keep coming: WSJ has a great story about how he tracked CHI&Partners’ Johnny Hornby down at the opera and convinced him to sell 49.9% of his agency to WPP.


-Here’s an old 2013 Sorrell interview with Adweek’s late, great Noreen O’Leary in which Martin implied that he would have to be removed from WPP by force. Prescient!

-One big question everyone is asking now: who are co-COOs Mark Read and Andrew Scott, again?

-Ogilvy’s global consolidation continues in the U.K., with senior leadership now “on alert.”

-Pizza Hut’s new chief brand officer wants to make the chain mean something again.

-On the data privacy front, Democratic senators Edward Markey and Richard Blumenthal have introduced the CONSENT Act, which is both an acronym (cute!) and the not-quite US version of GDPR.

Richard Whitman thought last week’s 4A’s Conference in Miami was mostly “a lot of superficial chatting about trust and diversity.” Hmm.