Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Driven Agency and Feel Good Drinks Company recruited 100 women, including participants from cancer charity CoppaFeel! and The Drum, to skinny dip in celebration of the brand’s new 100 percent natural line (video above).

-David&Goliath promoted Kristen Knape to director of philanthropy.

-A former female agency exec says, “Guys think they are already feminists,” yet “behave with nonchalant entitlement.”

-Stein IAS chief creative and values officer Reuben Webb says, “Advertising can’t afford to be scared of bravery any longer.”

Six out of ten agencies are addressing media transparency issues, according to a recent ANA survey.

-Vagisil shakes off the “Vagina Challenge” haters.

-Twitter is political. Who knew!?