Tuesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Canada’s Zulu Alpha Kilo made an FX-heavy spot for Audi in the land of ice and snow. Dave Mossop of Sherpas Cinema directed, and the effects by GO2 Productions contain no CGI manipulation.

-The average viewing time for a Snapchat video ad is 3 seconds. That’s good, right??

-Which famous brand does Momentum’s new logo most resemble?


-New York’s MTA plans to spend $9 million on social media over the next four years. Agency people need to warn them like, now.

-Kinetic Worldwide managing director Maureen McCloskey says women in the workplace need to “take more control.”

-Durex decided that since there’s still no condom emoji, an open umbrella with raindrops is close enough.

Sir John Hegarty tells Campaign that the ad industry “worships at the altar of youth.” Someone fire him already.

-Facebook REALLY wants everyone to use Live. That’s why they’re stealing your TV time.

-Adweek talks with Baltimore agency Planit’s co-founders Matt Doud and Ed Callahan about “respectfully disruptive” campaigns.

-JWT Singapore won creative and strategic duties on Huawei’s Honor smartphone brand following a review.