Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Production company Interrogate and director Ash Bolland were behind the viral “First Look at the Nintendo Switch” (video above).

-Crowdsourcing execs say agency creative directors will soon become “curators,” but CCOs unsurprisingly disagree!

-FCB Chicago’s incoming creative chief Liz Taylor spoke to Adweek about her plans for the agency moving forward.

-Ad Contrarian has a fiery take on yesterday’s Campaign morale survey: “Until marketers insist that their agency’s first, second and third priorities are to create great ads…”

-Digiday talked to a bunch of agency executives about where they think their companies should invest. All their answers were, essentially, “the department in which I work.”

-A new study by J. Walter Thompson and Forethought found that brand advertising is perceived as 32% less relevant, 29% less entertaining and 27% less appealing when it follows a political ad.

-P&G chief brand officer Marc Pritchard says it’s “Time to Cut the Crap — and the Pressure on Agencies.”

-You sure you want to work in-house, though? A big part of your job might be learning how to promote your employer on your personal social media accounts.

-Campaign claims that Brand storytelling might seem faddish but it’s here to stay. What the hell does this mean??