Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-FCB South Africa launched “Testi-monials to Encourage Men to Talk Balls” for Cancer Association of South Africa (video above).

-Wired will start charging readers for blocking ads.

-Viacom and Snapchat are entering into a multiyear agreement that allows Viacom to sell advertising on Snapchat’s behalf.

Twitter launched First View, which “will let marketers own the top Twitter ad in news feeds for a 24-hour period.

-Adweek explores “Why One of Advertising’s Iconic Creative Leaders Believes the Agency Model Will Survive.”

-iCrossing chief strategy officer Anne Bologna thinks “all advertising needs to feel native as opposed to being native.”

-Red Lobster saw a 33 percent sales spike on Sunday, thanks to Beyoncé.

-The NFL is looking to up its $1 billion streaming deal with Verizon, which expires after next year’s Super Bowl.