Tuesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-BBH brand agency Zag launched a spot promoting London Fashion Week in Soho (video above).

-The Awl takes a look at “The internet after ad blocking.”

-Playbill was not amused by an AT&T tweet showing an audience member watching football on their phone.


Meghan McDonnell, senior vice president at agency search and consulting firm Pile and Co., explains “How to Avoid Being the Incumbent in a Review.”

Two-thirds of Wired’s revenue is digital, thanks to its brand content unit, Wired Brand Labs.

-Adweek tours the office of 360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter.

-Marketing experts say the quality of ads on Instagram has dropped since opening its ad technology to third parties.

-Pinterest is trying to convince advertisers to give the platform a chunk of their search advertising budgets.