Try Harder To Rock It Avenue A. Just A Little Bit, Yeah?

By SuperSpy 

Avenue A/Razorfish is getting ready to kick off its 8th Annual Avenue called Client Summit: Rock the Digital World. Hellllo, cornballs. You guys have copywriter’s over there, yeah? Can’t you come with a name that sounds less like an after school program put on for wayward teens than that?

Anywho, this shoves all the Razorfish leadership and some Fortune 1000 executives into a room where they gnaw over the same problems that all the other conferences gnaw over just with a different set of characters doing the gnawing. This time, you can see Megan O’Connor of Levi’s talking social media’s effect on brand strategy. There is one or two interesting talks such as Duncan Watts, principal research scientist and professor of sociology, Columbia University talking about WOM. You can also hear John McVay, VP and client partner to AT&T at Razorfish talk about the brand’s use of Microsoft Surface technology.

A Razorfish exec pimping Microsoft? Surely you jest? Nope kids. Not kidding. If you want to go, get the details here.