“Trust Me…” It’s Going To Get Cancelled

By SuperSpy 

Trust Me, has been on the air since January 26, 2009. How long will it stay alive? Place your bets now, but we’re saying that this will be its one and only season. Before you get all weepy, keep in mind that Trust Me is no Freaks and Geeks, which was shamefully cancelled before it headed into season deux.

Trust Me continues to slip in the ratings from week to week. The show debuted at debuted to 3.4 million viewers. Two weeks ago during its Monday night time slot, it clocked 1.646 million. TNT moved the the show, starring Eric McCormack and Tom Cavanagh, to Tuesday last week. Here it took in 1.053 million viewers. The New York Post review sums this show up pretty well: “The series isn’t bad. It just isn’t all that good” and neither are the ratings. Ad blogger HighJive recently said:

“It’s a shame, really. The industry could have benefited from a program that dramatized what we do for a living, presenting the business as a compelling, vibrant and dynamic field. Instead, the players remain cartoonish portrayals of our worst sides. From falsifying expense reports to political backstabbing to childish paranoia, the Trust Me characters spend too much time obsessing over the most trivial and pointless matters. It’s almost impossible to like these self-absorbed whiners. And it doesn’t help that they continue to come up with contrived concepts.”

Too right.

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