Trick or Treat Sasquatch this Halloween via space150’s Effort for Jack Link’s

By Erik Oster 

This past Sunday, Minneapolis-based space 150 launched its #tricksasquatch or #treatsasquatch social campaign for Jack Link’s, for which it serves as digital AOR.

I’m not sure if Sasquatch or beef jerky have all that much to do with Halloween, but I wouldn’t have minded getting beef jerky while trick or treating as a kid, so it kind of works I guess. After asking fans of the brand whether they would trick or treat the Jack Link’s mascot, Sasquatch is sending personalized responses based on whether fans want to trick or treat him. Fans could even receive a photo or video response from the hairy jerky mascot. Jack Link’s is also “engaging fans through a brand and Halloween relevant keyword strategy.” They are retweeting the responses from @mesasquatch at @JackLinks and posting photo and video responses on Facebook.

Kevin Papacek, director of marketing for the brand, says, “We love Halloween and our fans love Halloween, which is why we have created an engaging and delightful experience for fans that embodies the Halloween spirit,” in an experimental announce determining how many times the word “Halloween” could feasibly be worked into a sentence.

Pro wrestler James Storm replied to Sasquatch with a video (featured above) in which he leaves the beast a beer and a bag of jerky. How sweet. Or should I say, salty?