Tribble Points Out the Obvi, W+K Gets Miffed

By Matt Van Hoven 

This bit comes from The Founder over at Tribble, a dude who knows way more about SEO/SEM than anyone I know. Rather than rehash, I’ll copy and paste. But you’ve gotta see the comments left by W+K enthusiasts.

Wieden + Kennedy lost a $1.74 billion dollar account last year over lack of SEO and Digital:

We have no idea how we missed this one… pretty amazing to see the then $1.74 billion Nike account go because W+K didn’t know how Google worked… and didn’t spend a few million buying a strong SEO / Digital firm to save the staggering $1.74 billion dollar account. A Few Million to save 2 Billion.. a monkey could of made the proper decision… hopefully they will learn… but we have yet to see any news regarding them purchasing an SEO firm to save accounts like this or obtain new business.

Crispin picked up Nike’s running and Nike+ business last April, after sources said the client grew frustrated with the digital capabilities of its longtime agency partner, Wieden + Kennedy
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They’ll learn one day… or a new breed of firms will teach them.

$1.7 billion. That’s at a lot of zeros, literally, for W+K. At least they got their act together. But did they save face? Methinks, kinda. Click here to see the action…in action.