Tribal Worldwide Shovels It Forward for Canadian Tire

By Erik Oster 

Tribal Worldwide, Toronto launched one of the most Canadian campaigns you’ll see for Candian Tire, a call on viewers to “Shovel It Forward” — that is, shovel a neighbor’s driveway and leave a shovel carrying a message for them to do the same.

“This program is rooted in the age-old practice of shoveling a neighbour’s driveway or sidewalk, simply because it’s the Canadian thing to do,” explains Joshua Stein, executive creative director at Tribal Worldwide, Toronto. “No brand understands life in Canada better than Canadian Tire. Shovel It Forward is a great way for us to demonstrate this.”

In the campaign video, a father wakes a sleeping daughter to help him shovel. Eventually it is revealed that she is shoveling not their driveway, but the neighbor’s, an older woman who looks very appreciative. “Shoveling a neighbor’s driveway is as Canadian as winter itself,” says a voiceover at the conclusion of the spot, followed online by asking viewers to visit the, where they can see which locations have been shoveled and share their own stories. A social campaign on Facebook and Twitter will also support the effort for the next four weeks, featuring promoted photos and videos.