Traction, Lenovo Know How You Really Treat Your Laptop

By Erik Oster Comment

Traction launched a new campaign for Lenovo, emphasizing the toughness of the brand’s laptops in “Users Happen.”

“Jane,” for example, takes a look at a woman who is brutal with her Lenovo laptop. A man in an office says “Jane is what we’d call a power user,” going on to describe her as “a big multi-tasker” over footage of her knocking over her laptop and spilling ice water all over it. He adds that she has “a problem with cords,” and has repeatedly called for an extra “dongle.” Over footage of Jane repeatedly, and angrily, pressing a key, he adds, “And heaven help that machine if anything takes over a second to load.” It’s a humorous and memorable way to highlight Lenovo’s biggest selling points, toughness and durability, with the comedic timing spot on. It should especially resonate with viewers who see more than a little bit of themselves in Jane. Another ad takes a look at a similar Lenovo user named “Chad.” Both spots are supported by a series of 15-second pre-roll ads exploring similar themes, including a closer look at Jane’s ice water incidentand a dog going to town on its bone over a Lenovo laptop.