Tracy Locke, Rex Ryan Throw Challenge Flags for Pizza Hut

By Erik Oster 

Tracy Locke¬†tapped recently-named Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan to star in its latest effort for Pizza Hut, promoting the brand’s triple-cheese covered stuffed crust.

Ryan spends the majority of the 30-second ad participating in one of his favorite activities: throwing challenge flags. The coach throws the flags in response to “incomplete” crust going wasted and generally seems angry at people’s flavorless crust choices. The ad¬†manages to work in some crotch humor (The flag! His groin! It works on so many levels!) and a brief cameo from Tony Romo in the spot’s brief duration.

The ad follows a recent rebrand and campaign launch from Deutsch LA, which Pizza Hut named its new lead creative agency this past July. It also comes on the heels of Host Sydney introducing a very Aussie menu offering.

While Tracy Locke executed this campaign, Deutsch participated on the social and brand strategy fronts.