Toronto Stunt Turns Clean Rides into Dusty, ‘Mad Max’-Approved Machines

By Kiran Aditham 

With Mad Max: Fury Road hitting theaters today, we have a timely outdoor stunt from Toronto’s Lowe Roche to help hype the film (as if the trailers and rather impressive 99% on Rotten Tomatoes weren’t enough already).

Keeping with Mad Max‘s grimy, industrial, post-apocalyptic themes while playing off Pimp My Ride in the process, Lowe Roche created a “Dusty Car Wash” in downtown Toronto where a host of professional artists and Hollywood set dressers–in an appropriate setting filled with scrap metal, colored smoke grenades and pyrotechnics–transformed the average automobile into a moving ad for Fury Road.


As the case study video demonstrates, people’s wheels were fitted with skulls, flames, gears, film quotes and, hell, even release dates for the movie (if they were so inclined). The hard part, we imagine, will be removing the team’s handiwork once its novelty wears off.

Client: Warner Bros. Pictures Canada

Creative Agency: Lowe Roche
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Mason, Jane Murray
Copywriter: Kelly Finnamore
Art Director: Matt Camara
Designer: Ben Coles
Co-Presidents: Jeff Dack, Marie-Lise Campeau
Account Manager: Hillary Pitcher
Agency Producer: Beth MacKinnon
Producer: Jonny Pottins
Directors: Jonny Pottins, Jon Simonassi
Production Art Director: Nick Haraszty
Editor: Jon Simonassi
Artists: Zachary Melo, Elysse Melo
Production House: Zink
VFX Creative Director: Raj Dias
Producer: Natasha Daly
Lead VFX Artist: March De Laurentiis