Top US Retail Brands of 2009

By Matt Van Hoven 

Liveblogging the Most Valuable Retail Brand luncheon with content partner InterbrandDesignForum.

(From left to right, IDF leaders Bruce Dybvad, Jez Frampton and Lee Carpenter)

From the Globalshop Expo at the Venetian in Las Vegas, we brought you InterbrandDesignForum’s session on brand valuation from a branding/business perspective. And below we’ve listed their picks for the top US retailers of 2009.

We’ve been hearing more and more from you over the last six months or so about how frustrating it is that clients’ needs are constantly met strictly with communication answers rather than business goals. InterbrandDesignForum evaluates the retailers who have the most brand value from a business perspective, and looks at branding from with an objective eye. You may not know it but IDF is the third most sought after benchmark report by CEOs.


This list is interesting because each brand’s value is determined by, at least in part, what you do. Advertising creates a promise to consumers, and IDF determines if that promise is met by the shopping experience, all the way down to the in-store aesthetic to the people who sell your clients’ products. You can learn more about these evaluation process, here.

Here’s the top 10, click here to see 11-50. These could be your clients, people.

1. Wal-Mart
2. BestBuy
3. The Home Depot
4. Target
5. CVS/Pharmacy
6. Dell
7. Walgreens
8. Lowe’s
9. Sam’s Club
10. Coach

In case you’re wondering, the ranking is based on in-depth financial analysis, “role of brand” analysis (how a brand influences customer demand) and brand strength analysis (the brand’s ability to secure ongoing customer demand). This is a different school of thought from what you’re used to in terms of “branding”.

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