Tools of the Trade: Jessie Segal of Juice Media

By Kyle O'Brien 

Tools of the Trade is an AgencySpy feature to help highlight the many tools that help make advertising and marketing folks successful. The tools can be anything that helps people perform at their top form, from a favorite drafting table to the best software program to a lucky pen, a vintage typewriter or a pair of headphones.

Next up is Jessie Segal, chief operating officer at Juice Media.

Jessie Segal poses with her to-do list manager, Todoist.


What is one tool you use all the time at work, and how does it inspire your work?

I have an organizational crush on my to-do list manager, Todoist. It is permanently open on its slimmest width on the left side of my desktop. My days include a significant amount of context switching, and project juggling, so my to-do list is the lynchpin of being able to track priorities and hold myself accountable.

Why is it your favorite?

Todoist allows you to view and sort your tasks in multiple ways. My default is the “upcoming” view, where I can see all tasks due today, and upcoming days. The magic features of Todoist for me are the ability to add and customize tasks entirely via shortcut keys, and the ability to customize recurring timelines like “do X every other Monday” or “check Y every weekday.”

How did you acquire your tool or hear about it for the first time?

As I assume everyone does, I Googled “best to-do list managers” and tested many of them. Todoist had the functionality that I needed, plus was visually clean and appealing.

How does it help you be successful?

There are a few key ways I use Todoist that help me be successful. First, I have the app on all devices (desktop, phone, iPad), so I can add and sync items from anywhere. Second, when I complete a task that may require a follow-up, instead of marking it as done, I will rename the task to “follow-up about Z in # days,” so I don’t lose threads or let things hang in the ether.

Does it have sentimental value?

It’s great, but I wouldn’t go that far.

Do you think your tool could go TikTok viral? Why or why not?

If my feed is any indication, it most certainly could. #organizing #todolist #planning

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