Tom Segura Gets a Recycling Glory Hole from Liquid Death

By tlstanley 

From the brand responsible for Steve-O voodoo dolls, Travis Barker enema kits and Martha Stewart severed-hand candles comes a new piece of intentionally outrageous celebrity-inspired swag.

Liquid Death, in a boost for both its sustainability message and its merchandise business, is launching The Tom Segura Recycling Glory Hole.


The limited-time product, on sale for $58 beginning today, stands 3-feet tall and features a picture of the comedian-podcaster’s face with a circular cutout for a mouth, which the brand says is “perfect for people to stick their aluminum junk in.”

Of course, Liquid Death can’t control what anyone puts in Segura’s cardboard face, but the brand says the receptacle prefers aluminum only since 95% of plastic waste gets sent to landfills, per Greenpeace.

The canned water brand, continuing to wear its punk attitude on its sleeve, introduces the glory hole with an informercial-style ad starring Segura, who tells an overly enthusiastic in-studio audience: “My glory hole is perfect for all sorts of occasions—whatever makes you happy and you want to celebrate, use my mouth! We can all run train on plastic pollution, together!”

A portion of the proceeds from the product sales go to nonprofit groups under the brand’s ongoing #DeathToPlastic initiative.