Today, We Break Into R/GA

By Matt Van Hoven 

Karen Spiegel is R/GA’s representative to the public at large, which makes her an important person to people like me, who want to know things about agencies like R/GA. The digital shop is one of many wonders, and as such we want to get in there and dig around a little so to share with you how they do what they do. Today, my friends is that day, and I will walk R/GAs hallowed halls with Ms. Spiegel &#151 who will surely have much to tell me about the interwebs and her agency’s place within them.

Needless to say, we’re stoked. The last time we went somewhere fancy, it was to JWT’s offices for their Halloween party/let’s announce to everyone that AgencySpy is here so he won’t try anything sneaky. Talk about a fish out of water. I hadn’t felt that awkward since high school, which was an orgy of weird mishaps and accidental farts.

Brian Morrissey tells me the agency has a nice coffee shop, but we want to see the other two buildings &#151 for example apparently there’s one with a nifty freight elevator. He also mentioned something about a server room, which I heard has six chairs lined up in a semi-circle and fitted with these spiky metal things that plug into the back of R/GAers’ heads so they can literally zap into the Matrix. So excited!

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