Today on the Menu: TIME Managing Editor Richard Stengel Says Mag. is Still Brand Centerpiece

By Matt Van Hoven 

This morning we interviewed TIME magazine Managing Editor Richard Stengel who explained that TIME is a public trust, whose goal is to explain the world to its readers. The 80 year-old publication has developed rich assets across the new media spectrum, employing a slate of blogs and a 1 million+ follower Twitter feed. But, Stengel says, the publication remains the centerpiece.

“Everything springs from it,” he said. The TIME brand, Stengel noted, hinges on a value proposition that readers trust the magazine to explain current events in the context of history. With an increasing number of Web properties hoping to help readers do the same, TIME will have an uphill battle continuing to cover such a breadth of content. Stengel seemed confident that his publication is fit for the job. But, can an 80 year-old brand put on a new face while retaining what made it famous?

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