Today on the Menu: Terrible Terrorism Terrifies Terra Firma

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today on the Menu we hosted guest Michael Calderone, intrepid Politico reporter and keeper of all things real. The conversation focused on terrible terrorisms and their terrification of terra firma &#151 earth, that is, and everyone on it.

Calderone thinks the media did a great job making sure the terror story was back on top, with massive vacation-ending coverage from reporters of every bent. Not the vacations! Indeed, the days-off of exhausted reporters, anchors and bloggers everywhere were lost to a story of a man whose underwear would have ignited had only his balls not got in the way (that’s not what really happened, but wouldn’t it be funny if it did?).

Both right and left came together on this, the conservatives (well, Republicans really) taking a decidedly stronger “Obama is going to get us all killed” swing at the news. Libs, on the other (hairier-palmed left) hand lauded him for well, golfing.

We’re as sick as you are of waiting in longer-than-Lexington-Steele’s-Yonson lines at the airport, so the sooner this goes away the better. Frankly, we shouldn’t blame airlines, TSA, terrorists for flight-related inconveniences. So who then? Wolfe-fucking-Blitzer (and all other less-awesomely named broadcast news people) for their “I hope this sells more ad space” type of coverage (dear buyers of AgencySpy ad space, see how witty we are? please pay us yer moneys).

Next time there’s a need to head to the fly-overs, this half-rate blogger is driving &#151 a rental car of all things &#151 and probably listening to farty NPR all the way. Ira Glass and I are long overdue for a chit chat.

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