Today on the Menu: Sirius/XM’s Mike Pifferrer on Building a Brand Through Social Media

By Matt Van Hoven 

Mike Pifferrer produces Sirius/XM’s morning show (Hits 1/20 on 20) show and in the last few years has integrated social media campaigns to expand his programming reach. “At this point, shows don’t end when the show is done anymore,” said Pifferrer. “In order to be successful…to cut through the clutter…you need to be available 24/7.” For Sirius/XM’s most listened to non-celebrity hosted program that includes a Facebook fan page, Twitter accounts for all four hosts and Pifferrer as well as a blog,

Keeping the content flowing is no small job, which Pifferrer told me before the show. It keeps him typing, recording Flip video and searching for material to discuss all the time. He rarely sleeps, he says, a sacrifice that keeps his show near the top of Sirius/XM’s offerings. And when you’re competing with Ryan Seacrest, you’ve got to stay scrappy.

Also discussed on the show was the harrowing rescue of Stephen Farrell, a New York Times reporter who was kidnapped by Afghan forces four days ago. The Times reported today that the journalist, whose kidnapping had been kept secret to prevent worsening the matter, was freed when British commandos raided the compound where he was imprisoned. Farrell had been on assignment covering the fallout after a NATO bombing. Farrell’s interpreter, a British commando, women and children are reported to have died in the crossfire.

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