Today on the Menu: R/GA’s Paul Malmont is Helping Soldiers

By Matt Van Hoven 

Paul Malmont is a twice published author and Copy Director at R/GA in New York. In his spare time, he and his wife have developed a program that gets books in the hands of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, their wives stationed in far-away bases and soon will do the same for the children. Operation Warrior Library, or OWL, is the Malmonts’ way of supporting our volunteer army without paying credence to one political ideal or another. “We just want to give them a few hours of escapism,” said Malmont, who launched the program with the help of an Army Colonel.

Initially the Colonel asked for a signed copy of Malmont’s latest book, The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, and soon after that the became clear: send reading materials across enemy lines to soldiers who would otherwise have to buy them. To accomplish that goal, the Malmonts enlisted (heh) the aid of other authors, and publishers too. To date, some 2,000 books have been donated, giving soldiers a much needed break from their daily chores.

Image by James M. Graham.

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