Today on the Menu: Radio Killed, Crosswords Dissected, Hyperlocalized Everything

By Matt Van Hoven 

Dean Olsher is an old school radio guy, despite not being very old (46!), and loves the cult of crosswords. Today, the former NPRer helped us solve the age old riddle pertaining to why radio hasn’t entered the 21st century with flare.

Did you know a bunch of major news companies are developing localized news coverage for markets like San Francisco. Of course you did, it’s your job to know this stuff. announced the acquisition of EveryBlock, a company that will help the newser get into the locals’ pants. The Times and NBC are already doing this, so expect others to follow suit.

As for Olsher, he’s written a book that takes a non-traditional look at the world of crossword. For instance, there’s this homeless man who begs for change every day so he can buy the Daily Mail and solve its puzzles. Check out From Square One, here.

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