Today on the Menu: Old TV is Dead or Dying; Web Video Ads are Money and the White House’s Whipping Girl Steps Down

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today we discussed a few issues on the show. Not saying you should listen but you’ll want to read a few of the articles we’ve posted below. They’re not necessarily advertising related but there are some trends to pay attention to.

&#151 Joe Halderman is the man who allegedly tried to extort CBS’ David Letterman for $2 million. Except that now his attorney says he was merely trying to sell Letterman a screenplay about being a scumbag who sleeps with other people’s significantly younger significant others. Link.

&#151 ‘The Jay Leno Show’ is losing viewers faster than rats jump from a sinking ship. So, where are all the eyeballs going? Nowhere they can be tracked, anyways. The humanity of it all. Link.

&#151 In the midst of TV and Print’s ad slump the Web is coming around in ways that no one expected. Web video, it seems, is growing in prominence and as a result ads are selling in those spaces. Expect more poorly produced Web TV content shortly. Link.

&#151 White House interim Communications Director Anita Dunn is known as the lady who took on Fox News, from inside the Casablanca. And now she’s leaving. Though she was a temporary fix there are two leading arguments for her departure: 1) to make way for husband Bob Bauer to swoop in as lead counsel or 2) she’s a whipping girl for Fox News to, whip. Link and link.

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