Today on the Menu: Marvel Sold, “L Word” Reality Bound, Paid-Content Hits Pitts. Post-Gazette

By Matt Van Hoven 

Yesterday we learned that Disney paid $4 billion for Marvel Comics, a franchise that will probably never stop earning. Damn.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wants you to pay $36 a year for their exclusive content; blogs, live chats, comments on every story and the occasional left-handed-dry-snake-shake. That last part isn’t true, but the newsmaker is mashing up free and paid content models &#151 which frankly just won’t work unless they focus hyper-locally. And convince cobblers to advertise like, all the time.

Finally, SHOWTIME’s famed series the “L Word” ended its six season run last spring. And now it’s being made into a reality show. Lesbians equal entertainment.