Today on the Menu: ‘Lost’ is Confusing So We Brought in an Expert to Explain

By Matt Van Hoven 

With season 6 of ‘Lost’ set to air on February 2, we know many of you are eager to know more about what has been called the most confusing television series of all times and places. Cue Nikki Stafford, whose day job as a book editor doesn’t keep her from writing books that explain all the little nuances of the program.

Since this isn’t strictly ad related, we won’t bore you with too many details. But here’s a hint: there’s more to those polar bears than you probably realized. Without spoiling it all, they may have moved the island at some point! Also, John Locke is actually dead, begging the question: who is inhabiting his body?

This looks to be the biggest ad year for the show. As season 6 comes to a close, expect huge audiences and huger media buys on what has been a staple of American television for the better part of the decade.

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