Today on the Menu: J-School Revisited, Fallen Soldier Photographed, Fake Ads Banned

By Matt Van Hoven 

Today’s guest was another Columbia University journalism graduate student, Vadim Lavrusik. The 20-something has both traditional and new-media reporting experience with stays at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Lavrusik, like former Mediabistro freelancer Hunter Walker walked out of undergrad with little digital experience and hopes to gain it while in grad school. But the question looms: will there be a job for him upon degree completion?

Last week the AP published photos of a soldier who was mortally wounded in combat. The New York Times, among others, lambasted the news-maker for distributing such imagery on grounds that it was insensitive to the fallen soldier’s family. Lavrusik notes, and I agree, that although such images may shock his family it is vitally important for Americans at home to experience some sliver of the brutality of war, lest we forget it’s happening right now.

Finally, the One Club announced on Friday it has banned the submission of fake ads. The rules they created regarding the decision mimic those suggested by the writer of Dog N Pony, and basically threaten to ban anyone who submits “fake” work for 5 years. And their agency.


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