Today on the Menu: DDoS Attacks, Ben Stein’s Fired, G.I. Joe,

By Matt Van Hoven 

Well the week is nearing its end and the news is piling up. Like the week long Denial of Service attacks that have hit Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and Gawker Media. It all seems to be stemming from one pro-Georgian man’s Facebook profile. But, could the harm it caused on the world as a whole really be accidental? Methinks not.

And oh Ben Stein, your wily ways pimping FreeScore dot com have gotten you fired from the New York Times. For the last 4 years, Stein has written a Sunday business column for the gray chica, but now the paper says his FreeScore deal crosses the line. As if that anti-evolution documentary and his pro-Nixon status weren’t enough.

G.I. Joe is out as of last night and folks are saying it’s going to take in $40-50 million this weekend alone. I think it’s going to have the kiddies lining up to come back, but my cohost (and GalleyCat editor) Jason Boog sort of hopes it will flop so District 9 can kick ass next weekend.

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