Time Will Use This Photo to Commemorate Ted (Read: Sell More Copies of Their Magazine)

By Matt Van Hoven 

It’s been maybe 18 hours since news of Senator Kennedy’s death hit the airwaves and already Time magazine wants you to know they’ve got a commemorative edition of their fair publication ready for print in the man’s honor. And look at the nice photo they found &#151 it in no way looks photoshopped to create a halo around his head (Note: photoshop is not an action, it is a brand. So really I should have said this image in no way looks edited).

Time has probably had this thing in the can for months, given Kennedy’s poor health during the last year. But come on; did anyone think Time wouldn’t commemorate the man President Obama called the greatest senator of our time? Furthermore do we really need an announcement about it, hours after he died? Usually it’s best to, you know, let the body get cold before “honoring” the person who used to occupy it. Some people might frown upon that.


Update: A Twitter commenter notes, “Time didn’t fail with issue ready to go (standard news practice to have packages/editions prepared); timing of leaked cover=fail.” We sort of agree, but it’s a little creepy and definitely too soon. The issue is slated for release September 7.

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