Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-A pro bono social impact campaign by Duncan Channon calls attention to the need for people to be there for foster children. The work for San Francisco CASA, an organization that transforms the lives of abused and neglected children in foster care by matching them with one consistent, caring volunteer advocate, highlights the important work these volunteers do.

“How Not to Be a Hero” emphasizes that volunteers don’t need to save the day, they just need to be present. A second spot reminds viewers of the bravery required to connect with a child over time by consistently showing up for life’s moments.

-When Adweek talked to influencers about what criteria they look for when signing a brand deal, the creators shared that they want businesses to prove they’ve done their research.

-Designer outlet owner McArthurGlen has named Wavemaker as its media buyer, having appointed it to handle its $40 million account.

-In response to the latest Maximum Effort ad for Peloton, Charlene A. Coughlin, the president of TWIST Creative, wonders if 48 hours is the new turnaround time for an ad.

-Speaking of Peloton, Ivan Entchevitch, a strategist and marketer who currently leads Brand and Comms at Arcadia, wonders if Peloton learned from its history of PR blunders.

-Some platforms are spreading misinformation on climate change and Adweek explores how that happens.

-Verizon-owned digital wireless carrier Visible is launching its holiday campaign, “Smash the Drama,” highlighting that some of their plans don’t require interactions with family members.