Thursday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Manhattan Mini Storage has a new campaign. “Space for All” is from Dentusu mcgarrybowen (still getting used to that name), and it’s … fine.

Sure, there’s the usual wordplay, but this campaign feels like it lacks the typical acerbically witty bite of MMS. There are also animated people in the ads who would feel right at home in the middle of a Kroger campaign.

In fairness, the “Space for All” idea is a lovely message of unity. So let’s focus on that.


“No matter who we are, where we come from, what we believe in, or who we love, New York City accepts us. Its residents are one community accepting of all which translates to making space for all who call New York their home,” said Matt Ian, Dentsu mcgarrybowen CCO.

Completely accurate, Matt. Well done! Now, let’s hear from the brand and keep this good momentum going!

“Space is at a premium in our city and in our homes. Now more than ever people are having to find ways to maximize their space. This campaign illustrates that we can provide the space New Yorkers need when they need it most,” said Adam Steckler, president of Manhattan Mini Storage.


Unilever is reviewing its e-commerce ad business, according to Business Insider.

-It’s not going to be called GreyKQA, you scamps. WPP merges Grey and AKQA.

-Scant on details, it looks like Dentsu is consolidating into four operating pillars and six global agencies.

Lululemon taps Droga5 New York as AOR.

-The Out of Home Advertising Association of America’s (OAAA) annual OBIE awards for best OOH creative opens its call-for-entries. Judges this year (it’s a good jury, led by Tiffany Rolfe, global chief creative officer of R/GA) include the following, neatly curated into a bulleted list:
Shepard Fairey, artist
Kevin Grady, evp, head of design, FCB Chicago
Susan Hoffman, chairman, Wieden+Kennedy
Jonathan Mildenhall, co-founder and chair, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand
Jim Wilson, U.S. CEO, Talon Outdoor
Leslie Wingo, president and CEO, Sanders/Wingo

What does OBIE mean, you ask? Well, let us (or the OAAA) tell you.

“OBIE, short for obelisk, refers to the ancient stone pillars that served as the foundation of modern advertising—where posts and pictures informed the masses in town squares across ancient Egypt. Today, out of home marketing has taken up that role, serving as a critical source for consumers to get information and messages from brands, causes, and civic organizations, whether delivered through spectacular digital signage with addressable video or inventive transit takeovers or eye-popping billboard campaigns or state-of-the-art AR and experiential programs.”

Ain’t that evocative?

-Emergency home repair company HomeServe taps Arnold as creative AOR.

-Let’s check in on Fast Company’s (and Canada’s) Jeff Beer. We’re a little worried that the election may have made him angri … dammit! Good read, though.