Thursday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-We forgot that yesterday was National Hot Dog Day. Regardless, Ball Park and Ogilvy have a little thing going on with MLB Charities to help out-of-work vendors. For those who love a good hashtag, then, #FrankItForward is what you want to follow and use. Post a video of a favorite baseball memory (2008 Phillies World Series, if you’re looking for suggestions*) or hot dog vendor moment, or just retweet the brand’s announcement. Each tweet or retweet nets $1 to the fund. It kicked off with an initial $100,000 donation.

DDB has two new CEOs.

Havas released its U.S. diversity data and committed to “goal-setting” within each category.


Someone may want to take some design classes. Or at least make sure, like, 500 people approve the image before it gets out into the world.

-Remote work could help agencies hire and support more diverse talent.

Chris Wallace: Kind of a National Treasure. Courtesy of The Lincoln Project.

Quincy Jones: Always a National and International Treasure.

Creatives love Moldy Whopper.

*Editorial note: Ignore this suggestion and instead consider the New York Mets’ Game 5 NLDS win over the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015.