Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

Voodoo Ranger and Opinionated have invented the strongest IPA.

-This can of beer is stronger than a hydraulic press. Voodoo Ranger is known for making strong beers, so the IPA brand is making the world’s strongest can of IPA endorsed by the World’s Strongest Man, Mitchell Hooper. Clocking in at a solid 14 pounds, 8.5” tall and fortified by half an inch of unyielding steel, this 19.2 oz Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA can is a certified heavyweight. It scoffs at 45 tons of pressure from a hydraulic press, shrugs off molten glass showers, and laughs in the face of a flamethrower blazing at 3400° F. The World’s Strongest Can of IPA was created in partnership with creative agency Opinionated and sculptor Scott Foster.

-This year’s Jealous List is out—the campaigns creatives wish they had made and give their reasons why.


-VML has won strategy and creative for heritage ice cream brand Breyers.

-BBH founder Sir John Hegarty admits that “a moment of madness” led him and his wife, Philippa Crane, to buy a winery in 2002.

Brian Dolan, the CEO of WorkReduce, has been arrested and charged with multiple counts related to solicitation of a minor.

-See a mashup of Adweek’s Best Ads of the Year.

-A few months ago, a toy Toyota Tacoma made an appearance on Toyota USA social channels. In response to the overwhelmingly feedback, Toyota giving away 500 limited-edition Tacoma T.R.D. (Tough and Rough Dogs) Chew Toy this holiday season. On December 13, US-based Toyota enthusiasts and dog lovers alike can visit this site to snag their very own Tacoma-themed stocking stuffer while supplies last.

-The We Love NYC Collection is merch with a twist and introduces a character that was coined RONY (aka Rats of NY). The collection is about celebrating the good, the bad and the funky of NYC. Developed by independent creative agency Founders, the We Love NYC Collection is a tribute to the Big Apple. The 19-piece collection captures the essence of New York, reflecting the attitudes and ethos of its people. In a city renowned for its sizable rat population, and most recently the popular rat tours, the collection’s visual identity is spearheaded by a logo of an illustrated native New Yorker rat called RONY.

RONY (Rats of New York) is now out with merch.