Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-In Cottonelle toilet paper’s latest attempt to normalize talking about what it calls “DownThereCare,” Ken Jeong is the brand’s first ever “Assvertiser. The amiable doctor/actor/host is looking to recruit four fellow Assvertisers who will receive $10,000 apiece to talk publicly about their down there situation. Participants can visit for a chance to be one of the brand’s brave Assvertisers. Four bold applicants will be selected and dubbed a Cottonelle® Assvertiser, one to represent each of the most common down there situations (steamy, sensitive, hard to clean, and swampy). To participate, users will need to submit a video submission where they use a creative metaphor to describe their down there to be personally evaluated by Dr. Ken himself.

-Digital financial services company SoFi concluded that when it prompted AI for images that reflect a person who is “good with money” the result found less than 2% were women.


-The UEFA Champions League final, considered the biggest game in club football, featured a first-of-its-kind PepsiCo Kick Off Show with Brazilian superstar Anitta and Burna Boy.

-For the first time, a CFO spoke at Cannes on one of the stages.

-Fox Sports has unveiled its massive marketing campaign for the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament.

-Automaker Stellantis has named TKT & Associates its first AOR dedicated to Black audience marketing efforts.

-Don’t forget, submissions are open for Adweek’s 2023 Agency of the Year.