Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The Kraken is a wicked creature with no mercy, but apparently a keeper of fine rum. A campaign for Kraken Gold Spiced Rum tells the tale of a band of pirates who ventured into the Kraken’s lair to steal the rum and were summarily devoured. The dark tale was created by creative agency Mekanism, its first campaign with the brand, and directed by Rich Lee who’s known for his work on the first three The Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort is taking beverage brand Betty Buzz to the courtroom with a spot that shows an expert witness explaining effervescence.


-Adweek looks at why English soccer is vital to Budweiser’s brand strategy.

-Adidas is seeking to bring its musical connection to a new generation with the launch of Club Originals, the brand’s largest campaign.

-As part of Adweek’s Finding the Customer focus, we talked with executives about measurement and how it’s evolving.

-The head of marketing for beer brand Beck’s has promised to continue to use generative artificial intelligence in future projects following the success of its first attempt.

-Recently in London, four brands that seemingly had nothing to do with each other teamed up for an unexpected collaboration that went viral.

-California’s policymakers are making efforts to regulate the use of artificial intelligence.