Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Cute pets are a great way to get attention, and a spot for Telus Health MyPet hits all the right canine and feline notes. The new mobile app that lets you visit a vet from your mobile devices keenly observes the responses that pets have when confronted with going to the vet. Cats disappear behind doors, a Great Dane tries to hide behind a houseplant, a Great Pyrenees refuses to get out of the car. MyPet is the savior, letting pets stay at home with their humans. The spot, directed by Matt Uhry and production company Rodeo Show, in partnership with Makers and Camp Jefferson, shows that every animal can have a positive experience with MyPet.

-Verizon is adding Ogilvy to its agency roster to handle the brand’s b-to-b account, the brand confirmed to Adweek.


-The year is winding down and that means it’s list time. Adweek compiled the Top 10 Cannabis Marketing Moves of 2022.

-Another list is one of our favorites: the Jealous List is a compilation of ads creatives wish they had made from the last year.

-Adweek noted five takeaways from this year’s ANA B-to-B Marketing Conference.

-Colombian bank Banco de Bogotá is raising awareness around discrimination and disability all year with its “Christmas changes us, let’s stay that way” campaign.

-Zulu Alpha Kilo created a hilarious agency video spoofing the industry’s obsession with awards. In it, the agency made up a product called “Left-Handed Chutney.” Now, the joke is extended and the product is a reality, which will be auctioned off for the charity Food Banks of Canada. Each real jar even comes with tongue-in-cheek “left-handers only” details, like left-handed opening instructions, left-handed ingredients, and a “left-hand crafted” starburst. And, just like in the video, only six jars are being produced.


Zulu Alpha Kilo is auctioning off its Left-Handed Chutney for charity.