Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 


-Family friendly buffet chain Golden Corral is gearing up for holiday diners. Highlighting the real moments that happen in the restaurants, each spot features a group of people having fun conversations over a delicious meal. One spot shows a man dining with his family. As he returns to the table, he is shocked to see some members with only one dish on their plate, urging them to get more at the buffet. The spots were created by Portland, Maine agency Via and were designed to feature the perfect holiday meal for everyone in the family.


-Each year, the Shorty Awards recognizes dynamic purpose-led work from brands, agencies and nonprofit organizations, and the show has just announced both its finalists and a new partnership with nonprofit Creative Ladder.

-Diamond dealer DeBeers has named Academy Award-winning actor Lupita Nyong’o as its brand ambassador, casting her as the star of a global campaign.

-Elon Musk’s first few days at the top of Twitter have not gone over well with justice organizations and media watchdog groups

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie and sleepwear brand is continuing to embrace inclusivity with the launch of a new sports line called Savage X Fenty Sport and a campaign by Giant Spoon.

-Colorado could make history again next week if voters pass the Natural Medicine Health Act during the midterm election, which would legalize some psychedelics.

-As the midterm elections approach, Duncan Channon is giving all staffers a paid day off on November 8 to encourage them to vote or to work at the polls. The election day PTO benefit launched in 2018 after staffer J. Moe requested a vacation day so she could serve as a poll worker. “Voting is one of the foundations of our democracy, yet work obligations and childcare concerns create real barriers for many Americans to get to the polls. I’d argue that election days should be national holidays, but until they are, we want to give our staff the time they need to study the issues, vote or offer support as a poll worker,” said Andy Berkenfield, CEO, Duncan Channon in a statement.