Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 


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-A new campaign for Canadian restaurant chain Jack Astor’s, by Toronto-based agency The Garden, promises that people can work from their patio while enjoying drinks and food. In a series of social videos for TikTok and Instagram, consumers pretend to be all over their work, when they’re really working on a plate of nachos or sipping a beer. The “Work From Patio” campaign promotes a way to slack off with your Zoom with its new “Work From Patio” pod—a custom-built, soundproof booth, complete with a fake living room backdrop and “Best Employee” mug.

-Former MDC Partners executive Michael Bassik has launched a vertically-integrated performance agency called Optimal.

-Where there’s a will, there is fraud. And in the ballooning connected TV landscape, more creative schemes are emerging, including smart refrigerators impersonating CTV.

-ARAG has launched its “Legal Needs Are In Your Future” campaign from Barkley, starring Kathy Najimy.

-Dating app Hinge is reminding singles that ditching its dating app after finding “The One” is something to be celebrated in its latest international campaign.

-Sephora got dinged $1.2 million after the beauty retailer sold people’s data without telling them and breached the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

-NFT platform Heir is hosting a two-day event titled NFT Jam in Atlanta, to help lift up rising high school basketball stars.