Thursday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-1o8, a Chicago commerce-driven creative agency, has launched “I Got Love,” the inaugural statewide advertising campaign for Illinois Cares for Kids—featuring Illinois artists, musicians and production partners. The campaign, commissioned by the office of governor J. B. Pritzker, lets residents know that affordable early childhood education and care is available to Illinois families. At the centerpiece of the campaign is an animated video which introduces a fresh, modern rendition of the Nat King Cole classic that gives the campaign its name. 1o8 leveraged the illustrations of artist, designer and street muralist Shawn Smith, the vocals of Meagan McNeal and Arla Vox, the animation production expertise of Sarofsky and the music production skills of Squeak E. Clean for the videos in English and Spanish.

-Flexibility is about much more than just where you work, writes Ro Kalonaros, Omnicom’s global director of content and culture.


-Jeeter, a cannabis brand known for its streetwear-style product drops and epic live events, is launching a 100-stop pop-up tour.

-The Andie Swim team has launched its latest campaign “Comfortable Looks Good on You” and it features 65 models chosen from an open casting call.

-Google said today it would hold off on its plan to get rid of third-party tracking cookies until at least 2024, making for the second time the tech giant has pushed back on the cookie’s demise.

-Coors Light has created a funnel-like device designed to capture mosquitoes in a beer can, the Coors Light Thirst Trap, made in partnership with Mischief @ No Fixed Address.

-Sprite is walking away from its classic green bottle—a color it’s used to stand out from the competition for more than 60 years—for recycling purposes.

-If Peloton didn’t have enough troubles, upscale-fitness rivals at SoulCycle announced an offer: give us your neglected Peloton bike and we’ll credit you for a bunch of our classes.