Thursday Odds and Ends: The Rumormill Edition

By Matt Van Hoven 

Thursday is always an interesting day of the week. With Friday teetering ever nearer, despondency grows and the tips start coming in. And because of that, we get to play fill in the blank. So, with no further adieu:

&#151 “consider comparing the number of employees at _________ from last year to now and you might find a story about perhaps _________’s largest agency layoff that went more or less unnoticed. they did it stealthily and no more than a handful at each time but the numbers add up. everyone from junior _____ to three ___’s have left, plus the ___ of course.”


&#151 “__________’s ________,__ office just had another round of layoffs due to changes in _________’s digital advertising budget.”

&#151 “CP+B is in a WORLD OF PAIN over Whopper Virgins, have you heard about that shit?????????” (Ed’s note: we’ve received a dozen or so of tips that say basically the same thing, which is nice.)

&#151 “i am hearing a rumor that the lone chicago marketing/advertising reporter, lewis lazare at the chicago sun-times, is no longer. he just published an article today, and i’m not finding any coverage of this, but the chicago ad industry is abuzz. not sure if it’s true or false.” (ed’s note: it’s false. we e-mailed Mr. Lazare earlier today, and he told us there’s “no truth” to this rumor.)

&#151 _________ of ____ announced today s/he plans to get a sex change to become a man/women, so s/he can get the __________ (a client of ______) and better understand the consumer mindset (Ed’s note: this is clearly someone’s attempt at sullying his/her name, but we thought it was a funny way of doing so, hence it’s placement here)


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