Thursday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

The world is flipping on its head these days. Big companies are shrinking, and the answer seems to be a DIY career. It’s not who you know, but what you can do to make things better these days. And when you’re done with that for today, check out the links below.

&#151 Ha ha. Bill Gates thought it would be funny to release a swarm of malaria infected mosquitoes on a crowd of millionaires at TED. Hee hee, our boss is there (but the bugs didn’t really have malaria) link

&#151 Did you hear the Lewis Lazare over in Chicago started blogging? Next thing, Martin Sorrell will have one too. Oh, wait. link

&#151 In case you’d forgotten, Gawker is still giving away crack link

&#151 Hyundai’s “safety net” marketing scheme is actually working link

&#151 Which underserving ISP and cable provider that we loathe is in the red? Time Warner Cable, that’s which link

&#151 President Obama is getting tough with those pesky Republicans who keep trying to save their constituents’ money via tax cuts link

&#151 That whole division between church and state thing just got a kick in the ass, in the direction of more separation link

&#151 They moved “The Miracle on the Hudson” plane the other day link

&#151 This UK town has an electric garbage truck that runs on the garbage it collects link

Gay Propaganda Alert, Take Heed